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  • ClanMan.com - For game 'clan' sites. 10 Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser or FTP uploads. Unlimited POP3 e-mail. Online site building and management tools. Sample URL: 'http://yourname.clanman.com/'.
  • ClassicGaming - 999+ Mb; established 'classic' or emulation sites only. Banner ad. FTP uploads. URL: 'http://classicgaming.com/yoursite/'.
  • Emulous Network - Up to 3Gb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ads with shared revenue. FTP access. Private CGI-BIN with support for SSI. URL: 'http://www.yoursite.com/'.
  • Flight Simmers Net - Flight simmulators. 35 Mb. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. Available CGI scripts include guestbook, form mail, and message board. Choice of URLs. Ad-free sites also available.
  • GameAxis - 50 Mb. Banner ad on each page. FTP uploads. Two free POP3 e-mail accounts; unlimited e-mail aliases and auto-responders. Full CGI-BIN access with support for Javascript, Perl 5.0, RealAudio, and PHP. URL: 'http://yoursite.gameaxis.com/'.
  • Gamepost.com - 1000 Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad required on each page; user ads are not permitted. FTP uploads. Free multiple e-mail addresses. CGI: form-mail, and counter scripts are standard; custum scripts can be negotiated. Site must be updated at least 3 times per week. URL: 'http://www.gamepost.com/you/'.
  • Pocket Gamers Network - 25 MB, CGI and SSI, banners, URL: subdomain.pgamers.com.
  • Project404.org - Up to 2GB, FTP, CGI, POP3 email.
  • Quake2 - 10Mb for clans - no limit for others. Ads: 2 sponsor buttons. FTP uploads. URL: 'http://clans.quake2.co.uk/yoursite/' OR 'http://yoursite.quake2.co.uk/'.
  • RPG Host - Role-playing archives of programs, tools, maps, and games. Offer hosting for sites about role-playing games. FTP access and 15MB of space. Requires banners on all pages.
  • SciFi-RPGs - For role-playing, science fiction, and fantasy sites. 5-10 Mb web/ftp space. No forced ads, but a button link is required. FTP uploads. Free web-based e-mail available. Full CGI-BIN access with formmail preloaded, and support for Java, Javascript, mSQL, Perl 5.003, Apache SSL protocol, and RealAudio. URL: 'http://www.scifi-rpgs.com/~yoursite/'.
  • Simgames.net - 999+ Mb with unlimited bandwidth for 'quality' game sites. Banner ad on each page. FTP or browser uploads. Free e-mail. URL: 'http://yoursite/simgames.com/' or 'http://yoursite.com/'.
  • SmooveNet - For entertainment and gaming related sites. 50+ Mb. Sub-hosting accounts permitted. FTP uploads. Full domain name e-mail accounts or e-mail forwarding. CGI with SSI, Perl, and FrontPage extensions supported. URL: 'http://yourname.com/'.
  • swSites.net - For StarWars and sci-fi related sites. 20 Mb. Banner ad on each page. FTP and browser uploads. Free e-mail. CGI access with these preloaded scripts: counter, guestbook, and formmail. URL: 'http://yoursite. swsites.net/'.
  • UG Hosting.com - 150 MB, ads, 4 GB transfer, subdomains, FTP account, MySQL, CGI, Perl, SSI.
  • Unreality.dk - 999+ Mb. Host link and banner ad on each page; no user ads. FTP uploads. Free e-mail. Support for CGI, ActiveX, Java and Shockwave. Prefer established sites. No clans or tribes. URL: 'http://www.unreality.org/yourdomain/'.



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