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  • Game Developer Magazine   - A monthly publication that delivers technical, how-to articles
  • NeHe Productions   - OpenGL programming. Many tutorials, sample programs/games, and source code. A CD is available for order containing all of the site.

  • Action Arcade Adventure Set - The entire book by Diana Gruber describing how to make a side scrolling game.
  • Alberto C. Saldamando's - Video game programming links.
  • Amit's Game Programming Information - Descriptions of algorithms for artificial intelligence, path finding, game design, objects, hexagonal tiles, threads, and text games.
  • Blitz Basic - A specialized version of BASIC designed specifically for game development. Includes features like custom types and functions. Code is compiled before execution to speed things up.
  • BlueParrots - C, C++, Assembly source code examples for games, graphics, and sound.
  • CFXweb - Demo and Game Development - Daily news, articles, art gallery, downloads, games, demos, demo scene news, forums, online irc clients, and source code.
  • Coder's Chaos - Game programming information, code, and files in ASM and C/C++
  • Combat Aircraft Simulation - Resources for developing a flight simulator.
  • Creating Worlds - General information on game programming with intro docs, Watcom C/C++, 3D graphics, and DirectX.
  • A Critical Look at Programming Languages - An article by Tim Sweeney on the evolution and future of programming languages as it relates to game development.
  • 2Dgame.nl - Ten step tutorial for programming a 2-dimensional parrallax-scroller with realistic physics, sound, and music.
  • DIV Design Studio - Community site for programming with DIV.
  • Dungeon Crawl Software - Directory of hundreds of resources for the game developer.
  • DXC Companion - Tutorials and resources for the DX-Creator.
  • East Coast Games - training new programmers and to making great games, tutorials on C/C++, Java and DirectX, several games written for Windows (freeware).
  • Exaflop - A programmers' resource with extensive resources related to graphics and games programming.
  • flipCode - Find articles, coding techniques, news, and interviews relating to Game programming. A fair number of specific tutorials as well.
  • Gamasutra - The Art and Science of making Games.
  • Game Algorithms - Algorithms, source code and references.
  • Game Development Search Engine, The - Web portal and search engine dedicated to game development. Links to articles, tutorials and source code that cover all aspects of game development. Read and post to game development newsgroups.
  • Game Programming Resources - Game Programming Links
  • Game Tutorials - Over one hundred tutorials in C/C++ for the beginning programmer.
  • GameDeveloper.net - Good site with many tutorials. Subjects include 2D/3D, physics, AI, and others. Covers OpenGL, DirectX, game design, graphic art, and more.
  • GameDev.net - The Ultimate Source for Game Development Information. Featuring a huge reference library and weekly interviews of professionals inside the industry. Participate in a public game development project.
  • GameProgrammer.com - Game and graphics programming articles of interest to game programmers with all levels of experience.
  • Games Creation Resources - Game creation programs for non-programmers.
  • Games++ Megasite - Game programming, online games, cheats, tutorials, references, Direct X, C/C++, and Java.
  • Games Research - Materials from, and links to resources related to, the Siggraph 2000 course "Games Research: the Science of Interactive Entertainment"
  • GamesCoding UK - Overview of different languages and libraries for game programming, demo programs, "projects" (tutorials), and news about the industry.
  • GarageGames.com - An online game development community and resource center, keeping independent and professional developers connected to their peers, the industry and cutting edge information, tools and code.
  • Gepard Studio - Downloads for game programming, along with some Java, Linux, DOS and Windows games.
  • Impacto - A tool to make games and multimedia applications.
  • Irt.org - Design challenges, tutorials, and articles on coding design.
  • Knowledge Hound - Tutorials, tips, and how-to guides for game programmers of all types.
  • Making a quake3 mod - A document describing how to compile quake and install you mod.
  • Mappy for PC (DOS and Win95) - A utility for creating flexible 'maps' for tile based 2D games (scrolling shoot-em-ups, or 8-way scrolling adventures, whatever).
  • Paul Hsieh - Source code, tips, and tricks.
  • PC Game Programming Explorer - Book by Dave Roberts that takes readers inside the world of PC game programming and reveals the essential techniques to make game programming easy and fun.
  • The Playground Project - Building computer environments for 4-8 year-olds to play, design, and create games. A playground is a place to play with rules not just by them.
  • Quake Developers Pages - Information and resources for quake developers
  • Ray Game Designer - Freeware 3D construction kit for Windows based on a RayCaster.
  • Reprints of Works by Diana Gruber - Articles and book chapters by Diana Gruber on the subject of game design and programming.
  • Rise Game Development Home Page - Tutorials on games and QBasic along with developer tools downloads.
  • RPG game programming page - Page related to RPG programming. Has a freeware game (not finished, but in development) w/ all its sources
  • Simple Game Engine - Information, screenshots and downloads for Simple Game Engine (freeware) that enables you to write your own games using a definition language.
  • SoftLight Development - Lots of programs and source code, development tools, Direct X examples, and killer links. With a Windows focus.
  • TI 83/86 Program Source Code - TI-83 and 86 Source Code for several games. All games can be programed directly onto your calculator.
  • The Verge Source - Articles and downloads for the game programmer.
  • Xtreme Games - Free tools and source code and an offer to sign up new developers for joint ventures for a general pooling of resources.
  • Zingtech Computer Solutions - Development site with tutorials, an introduction to DirectX and a game idea center. Also Allegro game programming library sections. Books. Links.
  • Ziron Multimedia - Links to articles, source code, and tutorials.
  • zstar - An extensible, distributed system for game development, consisting of an abstract game client, and a game server to which players connect to play games against other players or alone.



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