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Puzzle [116]
Roleplaying [18]
Shooter [9]
Simulation [14]
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  • Adept Software - Classic DOS games such as 'Jetpack', 'Squarez Deluxe', and 'God of Thunder'.
  • Alex's Game Depository - Several Windows titles including 'Defender', 'HodgePodge', 'Army Man', 'Space Race', and 'The Great Raid'.
  • Artsoft Entertainment - Games such as 'Rocks'n'Diamonds', 'MirrorMagic', and 'affenspiel' for DOS or UNIX.
  • Bumble - Several Windows games including a Go version called '5 in a Row Tic-Tac-Toe', and 'Draw Poker'.
  • Cheeseware Home Page - Macintosh games 'Severed Ed', and 'Nerve'.
  • Chris Jang - Linux games such as 'Kombatant', a side scroller network fighting game, and 'Aegis', an ode to Atari vector coin-ops.
  • Daily Classifieds Free Games - A few Java games to download or play in your web browser. Titles include 'Big Gun', 'Sky Defender', 'Color Balls', and 'Bricks & Ball'.
  • DM Games - 'Ball Click', 'Ghost Catch', 'X-Wing Warrior' and 'Lildude's Legacy' made with Game Maker for Windows.
  • EMM Programming - QBasic gems such as 'Repete', 'The Station', and 'The Woods' for DOS.
  • Fractal Games - Open Source titles such as 'BlastPong', 'Extreme Nibbles', 'Matrix', 'NMGRFX', 'Plinky', and 'Tic-Tac-Toe' for Windows by Nick Meyer.
  • Gamers Web - Maps and Tools for Empire Deluxe, Metal Knights, and VGA Planets.
  • Gemini - DOS and Basic games such as 'Space Fortress', 'Battle Board', 'Dungeon Treasures', and 'Eye of The Cyclone'.
  • #1-lots-of-cool-stuff - Several DOS titles made with The Games Factory and Pascal including 'Mario Vs', 'Desk Pets', 'Gomba Tennis', 'Fat Kirby', and 'Koopa Crash'.
  • Millstone - 'Marble Crazy', 'Bubble Trouble' and other fun programs for Windows.
  • Nekros Interactive - Authors of 'CrashBall' and 'Gnop!' arcade style games for Windows.
  • NStorm - Several games such as 'Frogapult' and 'Elf Bowling' available for Windows or Macintosh.
  • NZP Puzzles and Games - A set of puzzles and solitaire for Windows including 'Robot Puzzle', 'Pigs Dice Game', and 'Four Corners'.
  • PLBM Games Text-Only - Text mode games for DOS that are remakes of other popular arcade games. Included are 'Text Missile Command', 'Helico-Copter Strike', 'Logger', 'Sea Dragon', 'Super Stupid Space Invaders' and 'Text Bomber'.
  • ResLink - Automatic resolution changer for old games.
  • Robsoft - Adaptations of classic Zx Spectrum games for the Windows. Titles include 'Subscan', 'River Attack', 'BRTetris', and 'Command Raid'.
  • sbdev - Several 3D games such as '3D breakout', 'Direct3D Arcade Racing', and 'DirectDraw Breakout' for Windows.
  • ScorchSoft Games - Several games such as 'Dice', 'Tic Tac Toe', and 'Tetris' for Windows.
  • SKV Productions - Authors of 'Terrorist' for Windows (with Java) as well as some add-ons for Doom.
  • Slayweb - Windows titles such as 'Tic-Tac-Toe', 'Bash a Bob', and 'Bob Tron Forever'.
  • Steve's OpenGL Programs - Several 3D games and screen savers including 'Pong Mania', and 'Bouncing Lights'.
  • TechVision - Several games for Windows such as 'Robotic Fusion', 'Spaze Rokz', 'CoLoRs', and 'Blockblaster'.
  • Torpedo Software - Challenging arcade style geography and history games for Windows or Macintosh.



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