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  • A Brief History of Home Video Games - The history of home video games with essays concerning the industry and its players. Covers the industry until 1996.
  • Brookhaven 1958 Video Game - The first video game may have been developed at the Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory in 1958. William Higinbotham designed Tennis for Two for a laboratory visitors day.
  • Classic Gaming: The History of Computer Gaming Part 1 - Part one of this multi-part history features William Higinbotham who created the first game: Tennis for 2. With photographs and audio clip.
  • Classic Videogame Station Odyssey - Japanese videogame history including cartoons.
  • Dangerous Dann's Museum of Video History - A site about various memorabilia around video games.
  • The Dot Eaters: Videogame History 101 - The history of videogames, from arcade, home consoles and computers. Includes pictures and audio files, as well as text covering the history of major machines and games.
  • Fire-Button - A community for all computer and videogamers. Includes game information, screenshots and cover scans for over 50 different platforms. Rate, review and add comments in the forum or visit the web directory.
  • Flat Batteries - Flat Batteries is here to promote video games as an art form worthy of respect as a valuable part of our culture.
  • Game Grandpas - Covering many systems from the Atari 2600 to the PS2.
  • GameSpot: History of Video Games - A history of personal video games from 1889 to present.
  • Gotcha - Gives out awards to the best "golden age" computer games. Also includes information, images, reviews, and collectables.
  • Great Game Database - Arcade & video games, technical information and related memorabilia from the classic era through the neoclassic.
  • History of Home Video Games - A history of home video games from 1992 to 1996, as chronicled by Greg Chance. Includes links to relevant material.
  • I.C. When - A chronological history of computing, with a special emphasis on video games.
  • Intellivision Classic Videogame Website - A journey through the classic system Intellivision.
  • Lost Treasures Fr - A french site devoted to games of the past.
  • Mintfresh's Classic Games Site - Dedicated to the history of classic computer and console games. Includes a timeline charting important events up to the current period.
  • Oilzine.com - The history of the two pillars, pong and asteroids, of the home gaming market.
  • The Old Computer Dot Com - A site dedicated to all aspects of retro computing and gaming. Museum, emulators, ROMs, retro Shop, magazines, articles and much more. From Atari 2600, Zenneth, colecovision, amiga, spectrum and everything else.
  • Phosphor Dot Fossils - Classic arcade video game history.
  • Pirates Portal - the games encyclopaedia - This site provides an overview of old platform video and computer games. Focusing on 8 bit machines including: screenshots, online music, covers, highscores, credits, short reviews etc.
  • Pong to Pacman - Contains information on the creators of such great games like pong and pacman. Covers the history of video games from 1975 through the mid eighties.
  • RetroBase.de - Videogame preservation since Feb. 2002 - Videogame preservation is our mission. We cover Atari 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Lynx, ColecoVision, Vectrex, Intellivision, PC-Engine aka Turbo Grafx 16, Super Nintendo (SNES), Sega Game Gear, Mega Drive aka Genesis, SG-1000, Neo Geo and NG. Pocket, and more! All games hav
  • Retrogamer - A printed fanzine published in Liverpool, UK which is dedicated to classic video games.
  • Screens Edge - A museum dedicated to preserving pixel artwork from the first 25 years of home computer and video games. Specializes in the 3 main home computer formats of the 1980's: Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC.
  • SPOnG.com : The Internet Computer Games - A catalogue of over 55,000 games on around 70 platforms. Containing news, screenshots, packaging, summaries and details of developers and publishers, plus competitions, charts, trivia, tips, FAQs & walkthroughs.
  • Supercade - A book that illustrate and document the history, legacy, and visual language of the videogame phenomenon.
  • TheCan.Org - Read, enjoy and contribute accounts of computer, video and online games that were cancelled or otherwise lost, precious, before release.
  • Video Game Gurus - Where video game collectors come to show off. Information on classic and modern systems, including a timeline of video games.
  • The Video Game Museum - An online video game museum with screenshots, scans, music, ads and reviews.
  • Video Games - A personal story of the early video game history.
  • Videotopia - Exhibit of the true history of video games. An international traveling museum exhibit chronicling the history of mankind's first interactive media.



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