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Composers [77]
MIDI [26]
MOD [4]
MP3 [11]
NSF [2]
RealAudio [1]
SPC [5]
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  • Aganazzar's Place - MIDI, MP3, and SPC collections.
  • Avalanche Online - Posts requested video game mp3s for download. Also contains a large number of MIDI files with reviews, and information about composers.
  • A Brief Timeline of Video Game Music - Gamespot article on the industry and its history.
  • ChocoboSheets - Contains sheet music from various games and anime series.
  • Chudah's Corner - Information on soundtracks including translated tracklists, publishing information, and song lyrics.
  • The Game Music Galaxy - MIDIs and MP3s from Super Nintendo, Playstation and Nintendo 64 games.
  • Game Music Hall of Fame - A site honoring songs by 'medals', with MIDI and SPC downloads.
  • Game Music Revolution - CD information database and news page devoted to game music.
  • Game Music Ring - Webring for sites dedicated to music.
  • Gamingforce Audio - Various songs, mostly from next generation systems.
  • The Lifestream Internet Radio - Streaming RPG and video game music.
  • Meridian - NSF, GYM, SPC, and GBS player for Windows.
  • Neptune Audio - MIDIs and MP3s for various systems.
  • Nerd Paradise Video Game Music - Music from popular and classic video/computer games in MIDI and MP3 format.
  • Riulyn's RPG Sheet Music Shrine - Contains piano sheet music for video games, mainly RPGs.
  • Rocketbaby - Interviews with composers of Japanese video game and animation soundtracks, as well as CD covers.
  • RPGamer - Lyrics, information, remixes and sheet music.
  • RPGamers Network: Game Music - Contains a large database of FTP sites containing video game music.
  • RPGClassics Radio - Radio consisting of RPG music.
  • RPGLair - Contains MIDIs, MODs and MP3s for RPG's.
  • The Scoop - Contains news, buy lists, resources, message boards and a 'soundtrack of the week' section.
  • SNESamp - Music database featuring SNES music, delivering information about rare soundtracks and their composers.
  • SoundtrackCentral.com - Reviews, opinions and ratings of most major releases of video game music. Contains tracklists, CD cover scans and pricing information.
  • The Square Zone - A large archive of the music of Square games.
  • Super Radio X - Video game radio show. Includes info, written features, videogame babes, and links to listen to the SRX broadcast.
  • VORC - Information and message boards dealing with various music topics.
  • X-treme Games Music - A collection of music in MIDI, MOD, MP3, SID, SPC, GYM and TFMX formats.



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