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  • Ape Escape [ Kids/Teens ] - Official site with information on the game play, different gadgets, and characters.
  • [ Mature Teens ] - Offers a FAQ section, tips and tricks, and a buyers' guide on a variety of games.
  • Games Teens Play [ Teens/Mature Teens ] - An article by Anise Hollingshead, outlining the different types of computer games teens play.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved [ Teens ] - Offers walkthroughs, chats and forums, news, pictures, hints, and downloads.
  • The History of Video Games [ Teens ] - An article by Leonard Herman, Jer Horwitz, Steve Kent, and Skyler Miller. Also lists events in video game history.
  • Martin's Pinball Simulation Reviews [ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Reviews of games for Windows and DOS, including ratings and high scores.
  • Rising: The Tower of Pin [ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Includes a history of computer pinball simulations, rulesheets for many games, and reviews.
  • Underdogs: Gertrude's Secrets Review [ Kids ] - Short review of the game which helps 4-7 year old toddlers develop basic shape and pattern recognition skill and fundamental logic via 7 different puzzle rooms.
  • World of Kirby [ Kids ] - Official site with character information, cartoon TV clips, drawings, comics, wallpaper, and news.



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